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Event Details

Using a format that is unique in the sport of triathlon, teams of two, whether they be friends, spouses, or family members combine their ages and sign up in the appropriate category. Each person on the team does the entire triathlon, and then their times are combined for the overall results. One may also participate as an individual.

Held just 15 minutes from downtown Austin, the event will use a sprint distance course that swims in Decker Lake, bikes around the lake, and uses a traffic free run course entirely inside the park. There is tons of space and we've secured parking nearby, so bring the family and friends. As usual with our events, we'll finish off with a great outdoor party, awards, and prize giveaway.

The Couples Triathlon Format

Couples Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon that is completed individually, but scored in a unique fashion. Here's how it works:

  • 2 people sign up as a team. They don't need to be a "couple". In fact, most teams are friends or family members.
  • 1 person may also sign up as an individual if they prefer.
  • 2 person relay available.
  • The team is put into one of the event divisions.
  • Each person completes the event as an individual. The wave starts will be based on the event divisions.
  • After the event is completed, the awards will be determined based on the division and the combined age of the team. Awards will also be given to individual competitors based on age groups.
  • Official results will be available by overall place, team place, and by age group. Results will be sent to USAT using the official age group categories for USAT rankings.


Friends - Male (Combined Age Groups: < 70 ; 70-94; 95+ )
Friends - Female (Combined Age Groups: < 70 ; 70-94; 95+ )
Friends - Mixed (Combined Age Groups: < 70 ; 70-94; 95+ )

More than Friends (Combined Age Groups: < 70 ; 70-94; 95+ )

Married (Combined Age Groups: < 70 ; 70-94; 95+ )

Parent & Child

Mostly Strangers

2 Person Relay - Male
2 Person Relay - Female
2 Person Relay - Mixed

Individual Male
Individual Female

Age Requirement

The minimum age to participate in this event is 14.

2 Person Relay

For the 2 Person Relay, couples may split the three legs of the triathlon however they wish. All exchanges must take place at the bike rack.


Awards will be presented to the top 3 overall couples, and to the top 3 couples in each of the divisions listed above, including relays. The top 3 overall in the individual categories will receive an award.

Awards will be presented at the event or may be picked up at Jack and Adam's Bicycles. Awards will not be mailed out.

Finish Line Carnival

The finish line carnival is open to all participants and spectators. Participants will receive free hot food and drinks, as well as other treats. Food & drink for spectators may be available for purchase, and may be free at some vendors. Free water will be available for everyone.

The Texas Tri Series

Couples Triathlon is the 3rd event in the 8th Annual Texas Tri Series. The Series is composed of five triathlon events. Participants can complete the series by participating in all of the events. Participants will be given credit for participanting in an event if they finish the event as a competitor, or if they volunteer. The series concludes with a finisher party. For more information, visit